Whether you like it or not, you are a brand.

Yes, I know. For some, that is a hard pill to swallow. 

“I’m not trying to get on television or sell apps like the Kardashians,” you might say. “So, why am I a brand?”

Here’s the thing: when you enter the world of work, whether you are a professional football player or a psychologist, you are a brand. That’s because everything that you do tells a story. Your business cards, presentation style, profile pics, manner of speech, personality, say who you are and who you’re not. In the end, then, your story, is your brand. It’s a compilation of activities that leave a certain impression on people every time you leave the room.

So, yes, you are a brand.

Now, if you want to pour new life into your career, then you’re going to have to start seeing yourself as a brand. When you do, there are a few things you must do.

First, you need an online headquarters for all of your marketing and other business activities – a place where prospects always know where to find you. This is true whether you are a physician or farmer. And, there is no better tool for that than a blog.

Blogs, unlike traditional websites, were designed from the ground up for rapid updating. That means you can add new information, whether it’s a how-to article or video, as easy as you can in a word processor. And, because updating is frequent, your site visitors come expecting something new. As such, they are more likely to visit your site more frequently. That’s not true, of course, with a traditional website.

Still not convinced you need a blog?  Here are 21 more reasons why you do:

  1. You can connect with your audience from anywhere in the world.
  2. It’s a place to engage your clients or true fans.
  3. It’s a platform to express your views beyond food, music, finance, film, industrial design, or other endeavor.
  4. Through sponsorship deals, it becomes another income source.
  5. The media may quote from your posts which further enhances your brand.
  6. You can turn your posts into a book or online course.
  7. You can learn the art of negotiating advertising and sponsorship deals.
  8. You can build and expand your network by having guest posts.
  9. You can build your network by interviewing key people.
  10. It allows you to form strategic business partnerships.
  11. You can use your blog to champion a cause you are passionate about.
  12. By writing blog posts, your blog helps you become a better thinker.
  13. By writing blog posts, your blog helps you become a better writer.
  14. “Blogger” becomes an important title you can add to your bio.
  15. Your posts give your fans or clients something to share of yours on social media.
  16.  You can use it to announce new projects.
  17. You can share your story on your about page.
  18. It gives your fans, patients, customers, or clients a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming projects.
  19. It allows you to display your work.
  20. You can test new ideas.
  21. You can use it as a research tool. You can, for example, use blog your post comments to gain invaluable feedback from your audience.

There you have them. There are many more. But, this is a good start.

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