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It is estimated that 30 million presentations are delivered each day. Well, it’s safe to say nearly 30 million are forgettable.

  • So, how can you avoid delivering one of those dreaded presentations?
  • How can you be unforgettable when you present?
  • How can you stand out when you step up to pitch your ideas? 

In Step Up and Stand Out, author D.K. Sutton shares the exact strategies world class presenters use to own the room every time. Drawing on his direct experience coaching hundreds of elite entrepreneurs, elected officials, organizational leaders, and corporate executives, Sutton teaches you little known techniques you won’t ever learn in the best business schools or corporate environments.

You will learn, for example:

  • How to keep your audience glued using  Jungian archetypes.
  • vision exercise that builds rock solid confidence.
  • The psychological anchors that make your presentation unforgettable.
  • How to use the Rule of Three that make you slogans and messages almost impossible to ignore.

Step Up and Stand Out will be available on May 15, 2017.


Here’s the simple truth: powerful personal brands enjoy benefits that others simply don’t. They are invited to speak at coveted conferences, trusted more, and seen as smarter or more accomplished.

Why? What is their magic? What is their secret sauce?

Well, there is a secret sauce. Personal brands didn’t become powerful personal brands by accident. Their origin story, presentations, book covers, profile pics, and social media posts are carefully planned.

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with some of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and personal brands. No, I don’t mean in an indirect way. I’m speaking of daily meetings, conversations, and coaching sessions. I still do to this day. As such, I know the steps you need to take to climb to the top of your market. And you will learn those steps in this book.

You will learn:

  • Exactly what automatically attracts the right people to you.
  • How to share your brand story with the world in such a way that they immediately find you credible.
  • What to Tweet to cause your audience to want to follow you.
  • How to get investors to seek you out.
  • How to break through all of the noise in the marketplace.

And, much, much more.

Let’s take the climb to the top of the market.

The Climb will be available on June 1, 2017.


So, what is a brand? 

Well, a brand is many things. But, if it was to be narrowed down to one word or idea, it would be a promise. It is a promise a brand makes to you when you engage, purchase, or consume it.

Starbucks promises you a refuge when you enter their stores.

Disney promises that you can recapture the magic of youth when your family visits their theme park.

Harley Davidson promises that you can be a rebel, if only on weekends.

BMW promises the ultimate driving experience.

Oprah promises a better life.

Mike Change promises you a shortcut to six-pack abs.

Lady Gaga promises that she will fight for those who are considered outsiders.

Dave Ramsey promises financial peace.

Making and keeping a brand promise isn’t easy. First, you must offer a promise that is aligned with your strategic focus. This means that you must know your strategic focus.

Second, your brand promise must be believable. Yeah, talk is cheap.

And, third, your promise must be authentic.

Of course, all of this takes time and knowledge.

That’s why so few get it right.

But, when they do, they automatically separate themselves from the crowd and attract the ideal followers. 

In The Promise, you will learn how to perform a brand audit and see exactly what’s missing in order for you to make an authentic brand promise – one you can keep. 

You will learn how to identify your ideal followers, or what we call a tribe, and how to construct the exact messages that appeal most to that specific group.

The Promise will be available on July 10, 2017.


As an entrepreneur and startup founder, what you say and how you say it matters.

How you tell your startup story is going to make the difference between whether someone hears your investor pitch and want to write a check, hear your Podcast interview and become inspired to work with your organization, read about your startup in, say, fast company magazine and immediately download your app, and/ or watch your YouTube video and invite you to speak at an important industry conference.

But you have a big problem: in 99.9% of the cases, you’re not going to move people to action. You’re not going to get them to download your app, invest in your startup, or come on board as a valued employee.

That’s because you’re just not good at telling your startup story. Hey, it’s not your fault, but it is your problem. See, if you don’t tell your startup story in a compelling way, you won’t be remembered. And if you’re not remembered, you won’t stand out and people won’t be compelled to tell a friend about your new cool website.

We know from research and from actual work in the field that a compelling story is what’s going to make your startup stand out. Just think, how come so many people know the origin stories of Instagram, Nest, Warby Parker, Toms Shoes, and AirBnB? Trust me, it’s not by accident. Yes, they are all great apps, companies, products and services, which is the starting point. But they also know how to tell their story. Besides, think of the number of great apps, products, and services you’ve never heard of, except by accident? The back story of the startup is what typically grabs our attention first. It’s not everything, but it’s a big something.

Well, this course will help you be remembered by helping you deliver a compelling startup story during interviews, on your about page, and in investor pitches. H

Here’s just a small sample of what you will learn:

  • You’re going to learn why certain stories move you and why most don’t.
  • You’re going to learn the five elements of a compelling story and how to sequence them.
  • You’re going to learn the difference between a regular story and a compelling story.
  • You’re going to learn how to take a Podcast, newspaper, blog, magazine, or television interview and turn it into a memorable encounter.
  • You’re going to learn when to use dialogue and when to use narration and why the difference matters big time.
  • You’re going to learn how to construct a powerful about page that causes people to read to the end and want to learn more.

There are  only a few things left to do: Buy the book, read it, and share your story!

Story will be available on June 1, 2017.