Can you imagine a GEICO televsion commercial without the little gecko? Well, maybe. They do run commercials with other interesting characters.

Okay, but can you imagine any GEICO commercial with a serious tone?

Now, that’s a different story, right?

The bottom line is, we have become accustomed to GEICO’s advertising being funny or comedic. It’s like a good friend, really. You always know what to expect from him or her, in terms of their behavior. In other words, you have come to know their personality. And because you know their personality, you know when they’re being authentic. 

Well, brands, like people, have personalities. 

Progressive Insurance is, like GEICO, comedic, and Mutual of Omaha is serious. 

Apple is cool and IBM is serious.

Recording artist Bruo Mars is energetic and photographer Chase Jarvis is adventurous. 

The point is, their personalities are present in every aspect of their marketing, branding, and public activities. 

Well, you have a personality as well. And it should be present during your media interviews, performances, YouTube videos, and presentations. In fact, audiences are dying to see the true you. Yep, that’s true whether you are a household name or not.

You see, when you allow the true you to emerge, your authentic self bubbles forward. And authenticity, the first component of trust, opens the door to an emotional connection with your audience. This all important connection is what moves people to refer your services, buy your art, subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your Instagram posts, and listen to your music. So, to be succinct, be yourself.

Okay, but how?

Well, find out who you really are, from a personality standpoint.

Start by soliciting the help of those who experience the true you – your family, friends and colleagues.

Here’s what you do: Ask them to imagine a high school cafeteria that’s separated by groups of, say, cool, athletic, comedic, conservative, funny, geeky, and smart kids.

Next, ask them to tell you which group you would most likely belong. Some may offer a combination by trying to tie you to two or more groups. Try to move them to one personality type.

Now, write down their responses. When you get three of the same answer, you’ve hit pay dirt. 

But, there is one more step: testing your personality. 


Begin infusing your personality into your tweets, emails and other communications. For example, if your personality is comedic in nature, find humor, where appropriate, in everyday situations and write FaceBook posts about it. Get comfortable with this new you before you roll it out to the world. 



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